Cost Database

Construction Cost Database

The Construction Cost Database is an online repository of construction and other related costs. The database has been developed in collaboration with various built environment consultants and contractors. It is constantly being updated to improve the accuracy of the information published there.

All the prices quoted on our platform are exclusive of VAT.

The main information published there is:


  • Building Costs Per Square Metre

This provides the average cost range for a wide selection of typical buildings. Costs per square metre are useful at the initial stages of a construction project, especially when feasibilities studies are being done. These costs can also provide the base figures for the valuation of buildings, although the necessary adjustments need to be done to the relevant Elemental Costs. The factors that need to be adjusted for are sloping sites, ground conditions, unusual shape and other design considerations. The costs given are based on the total floor area of all levels, measured between the inner faces of external walls (Grosss Internal Floor Areas – GIFA).

  • Elemental Costs of Buildings

These assist in compiling more accurate costs per square metres by giving a more detailed breakdown of the various Elements that go into the overall Cost per Square Metre. These adjustments can be made to reflect the particular aspects of the building type being examined. Some of these adjustments are façade treatments, type and extent of floor, wall or ceiling finishes; building services etc.

  • Contractors’ All-in Rates

These are more detailed rates for individual items that go into developing the Elemental Costs. These costs are known as “All-in” rates as they include allowances for labour and the contractor’s overheads and profits. All the rates are “Supply and Install” unless otherwise specified. However, these rates do not include other indirect costs of “Preliminaries” such as insurance for the works, security, statutory permits etc., which would normally be quoted separately in a construction project.

  • Costs of Materials

This is a compilation of the buying prices of various construction materials as compiled from various suppliers across the country. The price reflected, as is the case with all the prices in our database, is an average of the prices for the particular product gathered from various suppliers. The prices indicated are the “Shelf Prices” and do not include any mark-ups for transport, profit, wastage or any form of overheads.

  • Costs of Plant and Equipment

These are the costs of buying and hiring various construction plant and equipment from various sellers and lessors across the country. These prices will be a guide to anyone who intends to buy, replace or rent construction plant and equipment from various distributors across the country.