Welcome to CCISKE

Construction Costs Information Services Ltd (CCISKE) is a digital platform that aims at collecting, storing, analysing and disseminating credible and reliable information on the construction industry. We seek to improve on the accessibility of the data and information available on construction costs, materials, plant & equipment, suppliers and other stakeholders within the region.

We intend to do this through our products and services which comprise mainly of:

A Cost Database for different types of projects, construction materials & plant/equipment and services;
Materials Marketplace for various materials & plant suppliers and leasers and other stakeholders within the construction industry;
Industry Reports that will inform the trends and forecasts of the industry and also document them.
Want to know more about us?

Our long-term goal involves the publication of data in the civil works and oil & gas sectors as well.

CCISKE will give access to up-to-date information that will help users mitigate risks associated with site accidents & incidents, cost overruns and prolonged construction periods.